Abdulrahman Mowakket

A brief summary

Abdul Rahman Mowakket – A contemporary sculptor from Syria

For more than 40 years filled with his sculpture and artistic researches, Abdul Rahman has formulated important artistic space in the modern Syrian and Middle Eastern art and especially sculpture. He was fully devoted for artistic work since 1976 and he’s still up to now working at his private workshop.





Abdulrahman Mowakket

  • Born on 1946 in Aleppo city, studied in it and graduate from Teachers postgraduate institute by “good” degree
  • 1960 Started practicing fine arts, drawing and sculpture in a brilliant way, and the glimpse of the sculpture talent started to rise strongly
  • 1965 Started his studies of Fine Art by personal study through a big collection of Fine Art technique & sciences books
  • 1970 Started his actual artistic activities on the country level with a series of personal, group and official exhibitions
  • 1976 Devoted himself to the Fine Art by practicing it in his own atelier (workshop) and to teach Sculpture in Fine Art Centre, Aleppo
  • 1980 Went to Italy and studied “nude sculpture” in Rome Academy of Fine Art. Being in Rome , he has been introduced to the artistic movement in Rome and to the most important works of art in the squares and the museums of Italy . Also, he exhibited his work in an exhibition in Rome
  • 1982 Returned back to Syria glaring and full of artistic powers to execute large number of sculpture works and started to prepare a good number of studies of monumental statues in the favour of many local squares

1984 Started to execute a large number of monumental statues in the squares of city of Aleppo up to now, also he presented enormous number of statues which have been presented in personal and group exhibitions


Over 7 large monuments spread across Syria

1- Memorial of Martyrs: Aleppo Saad Allah Al Jabry Square
1984-1985 Aleppo yellow Stone (Stone Epic)

 2- Memorial monumental Al Majed Fighting Base
1986-1987 Italian Marble (100 Tons of Italian Marble)

3- Study and executing work on Aleppo Int. Airport and the water artistic wall
2001-2002 made of small pieces coloured ceramic in total 300 Square Meters space

4- Designing and executing the Memorial Monumental of Aleppo Intl. Airport
2003-2004 Made of Bronze Height 8.50 Meters Weight 5.2 Tons

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Personal and Group Art Exhibitions

-1971 First Expo Aleppo National Museum
-1976 Stone and marble Statues Damascus – Al Shaab Gallery
-1979 Big Stone Statues expo – Aleppo Al Sabil public garden
-1979 Exhibiting 6 huge statues of stone – Damascus National Museum garden
-1980 Collection of small bronze statues – Damascus Al Shaab Gallery
-1981 Collection of small bronze statues – Rome Potico di Guadri Gallery
-1989 Marble Statues – Aleppo Bilad Al Sham Gallery
-1990 Marble statues – Damascus Bilad Al Sham Gallery
-1992 Marble statues – Damascus Al Sayid Gallery
-1994 Bronze statues – Aleppo Bilad Al Sham Gallery

His work is distributed in
Palaces – National Museum Damascus (Modern Art Hall) – National Leadership Building’s garden – Ministry of Culture and its museums – Within collections of Syrian fine art fans

National Museum – Presidential Palace – Public squares and gardens – Touristic places – A number of government establishments and places – Within the collections of Aleppo Fine Art fans

Large number of distributed statues in Lebanon – Germany – France – Spain – Italy … and many more

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